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Best Brazilian Blowout in Denver

keratin smoothing treatment

Keratin Express Blowout for fabulous hair every day!!!

Introducing the Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment!!!
This new service is a great alternative to the original brazilian blowout for clients who would like to try this awesome treatment for the first time. The cost is a fraction of the original treatment and is less time consuming and formaldehyde free.

Keratin Express - "Less time, less money, less hassle"

The fastest, simplest and most affordable way to have smoother, shinier and better-conditioned hair - at a price significantly less than most keratin treatments.

Keratin Express can give you unbelievable hair in as little as 35 minutes*. Eliminate frizz, reduce volume, increase shine, strengthen hair and cut blow-dry or straightening time by 50% or more for 4-6 weeks!

The Keratin Express Blowout is quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends. Already loved by celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Stephanie Pratt and Jennifer Aniston, the Blowout is a fast and safe process that will improve the overall health of your hair. The Keratin Express Blow Out will completely eliminate the frizz and add shine to your hair. Each time you receive the treatment, results improve and you add more of the protective protein layer around your hair.

The Keratin Express Blowout is different from Japanese hair straightening in that it does not change the actual structure of the hair. It also does not use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen when it is converted into a gas through heating, as it is with a flat iron or blow dryer.

Keratin is the main protein in hair, skin and nails. Keratin Express does not create a poker straight “stuck to the head” result. It leaves hair with natural movement and body.

The Keratin Express Brazilian Blowout can be used by anyone who wants shinier, smoother, healthier hair. It works great on over processed hair, as it will improve the hair’s integrity. Wavy hair will be straighter, frizzy hair will be smoother and less bulky with up to 100% less frizz.

Keratin Express with a Color
Keratin Express treatments are a MUST HAVE treatment for ALL color clients, and can be done immediately after the color service. The results of the treatment after a hair color service are nothing short of amazing! Color has more shine, vibrancy and durability, and the health and strength of the hair is greatly improved.

Keratin Express for Everyone!
Keratin Express is not just for curly hair, but anyone who wants to improve strength, eliminate frizz or speed up finishing time every morning! Clients have the option to wear their hair curly, straight or somewhere in-between!

Want beautiful shine with healthy looking hair? Call today to set up an appointment for the new Keratin Express Brazilian Blowout.


Michael Baxter - Master Colorist / Designer

Bloom Salon Plus
3000 E. 3rd Ave. Suite 33
Denver Co. 80206

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